1) Manifests a mountain of developments in a mouse of 23 years.
2) Provided with a well-equipped Teaching Hospital attached to the College.
3) Five Rural Health Centre’s surrounding the College.
4) A team of dedicated and disciplined teaching faculty being led by a planned and pragmatic academic programme.
5) Regular programmes for faculty improvement.
6) Well-equipped laboratories, libraries etc. in all teaching Departments.
7) A well furnished Central Library and Reading Room with a no. of medical books and contemporary journals.
8) Sophisticated Computer Lab insisting on compulsory training in Homoeopathic Soft-wares.
9) Programmes for the development of communicative skills, practice of Yoga and Meditation.
10) Separate Hostels for Girls at Seashore Near to Hospital premises.
11) Ragging Free Campus.
12) Facilities for sports and games in the College premises.
13) Serene atmosphere fostering better study.
14) Immaculate arrangements for ensuring never-ending supply of water and power.